We specialize in simplifying and streamlining the way you run your business. 


Our services have enabled many companies to increase their productivity as well as decrease inconsistencies and ambiguities in their business processes.  


Our Mission


To provide the best possible software to maximize operational productivity, increase staff performance and minimize both time and money wasted 

Our Guiding Principles:


  • Strive for excellence

  • Provide clear and simple solutions


  • Help customers reduce cost and increase profit


  • Be honest about what we can deliver and also honest about what we cannot



Steps we take 


  • Establish business goals and objectives for software acquisition


  • Assess the way your current processes achieve your desired goals and objectives 


  • Identify business issues and requirements


  • Develop software selection criteria


  • Identify possible software solutions


  • Evaluate how each possible solution can achieve desired results


  • Select software and a supplier to implement the software


  • Implementation


  • Post-implementation Review 


We are your partners


     There are several universal keys to the success of any project. 

     For every project, we establish a road map to attain these keys, thereby ensuring that our team will not only meet but         

     exceed your expectations.


Our People


     We are IT professionals with more than twenty years of industry experience, including ten years of experience in             

     implementing open source solutions.